About Us

Established in 2016.
OOAK Kitchen is a brand new meatless Cantonese Fusion concept. As a leader in the Cantonese Fusion niche, we create meatless dishes that cater to everyone's diets and palates. As a forerunner in the meatless Cantonese Fusion niche, we create dishes with the following philosophies: 1. No Meat, 2. Fresh Farm to Table Ingredients, 3. No MSG, 4. No Artificial Ingredients. 5, Low Sodium, Low Oil. We hope to provide something different and a change of scenery for those who aren't very familiar with 
plant based diet. 

Meatless elevated Chinese Cuisine is possible and we hope to live up to our name, "One of a Kind". Our ultimate goal is to introduce the public to many different healthy and elevated Cantonese style dishes, whether you are 
meat based or plant based
diet. Chinese traditional cooking techniques combined with our chef's many years of experience create new and exciting combinations daily. 

OOAK Kitchen, We only give you the best.