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Front of the House Manager

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​​1. To ensure the restaurant is up to par with our service, production and ambience guidelines.
2. Complete food and labor cost report weekly.
3. Have weekly staff meetings to communicate goals and encourage feedback.
4. Document all weekly meetings and send meeting notes to corporate office weekly.
5. Join the corporate office team for a bi- weekly management meeting discussing concerns and feedback related to the operation.
6. Responsible for maintaining the store’s food quality and ensure cash handling, procedures and sales reports are maintained in accordance with company policy.  
7. Responsible for the management of the store. (Any recruitment, appointment, removal, promotion, inner-transfer, and performance evaluation must be reported to the corporate office team for approval before proceeding.)
8. Responsible for the implementation and execution of the company’s policy/guidelines and making sure everyone follows through.
Back of the House Manager
1. Delegate tasks to other back of the house members to ensure all dishes are served in a timely manner, presentable and delicious.  
2. Make sure all senior, junior and cooks are on task.
3. Inspect kitchen area daily to make sure it is compliant with health codes.
4. Inspect all supplies, appliances and equipment in the kitchen at the start of the day to make sure it is operational.
5. Make sure all raw materials, juices, finished products, semi - finished products are on par with our production standard.
6. Work with manager to solve customer complaints when it comes to dishes, cook time, plating, and etc.
7. Any changes / evaluations of the kitchen crew must be reported to corporate office immediately before changes can be made.
8.  Conduct monthly R&D on the 16th of every month for testing / tasting new dishes. Arrange staff with manager if needed.   
9. Complete inventory and purchase forms.
10. Ensure everyone follows hygiene protocols and all staff members are dressed in uniform.
11. Completes kitchen assessment twice a month to ensure kitchen is on par and see if there are ways to improve.


Restaurant Staff Positions

More Job Descriptions

Service Positions:
        ⚫ Greeter
        ⚫ Busser
        ⚫ Food Runner
        ⚫ Server
        ⚫ Bartender
Kitchen Positions:
        ⚫ Dishwasher 
        ⚫ Kitchen staff
        ⚫ Prep Cook
        ⚫ Line Cook (wok, noodle, rice)